40 for 40 Challenge – Help us make our match!

          UPDATE: WE ACHIEVED OUR GOAL! THANK YOU to all of our friends for your generosity. We had a terrific 40th anniversary season, and are looking forward to sharing continued success and growth with you as we enter the next 40 years! ABOUT THE CHALLENGE: A...

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Always…a dedication

As you might have heard, The Depot Theatre's 40th Anniversary Season will open with a super fan favorite from the past 39 years, Always...Patsy Cline. What you might not have heard is that this year, the drumbeat behind Patsy Cline's famous songs will resonate a...

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Posters Galore

Posters Galore From the archives The staff had the opportunity to look through some of the many, many boxes of materials from archive project this week, and ran across one box that was a treasure trove of large, 11" x 17" posters. Those pictured in this gallery are...

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The Curtain Closes for this Senior

Throughout these past months, I have learned so much about the process of writing and about the Depot Theatre. I am constantly, pleasantly surprised by the hard work, dedication and creativity that went into all the Depot Theatre's performances. I never had a...

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The Depot Theatre 1994: Oklahoma!

Oklahoma! (1994) Whether it's the theatre, museums, concerts or dance, what was your earliest encounter with the arts? As a shy second grader, I pursued my dreams by joining the chorus. That fateful year, the annual concert focused thematically on musical theatre....

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Behind the Curtain: Insider Tips on Subscriptions

Insider Tips on Subscriptions Did you know? Season Subscriptions are on Sale Now! If you're on our mailing list, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or recently ran into me at the coffee shop, you might have heard that SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE for the 2018 Main...

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The Depot Theatre’s Lucky 13th Season

Nunsense, 1991 Happy Friday the 13th! This Friday we have an unlucky holiday coming up - Friday the 13th.  While we only have a day of the unlucky number this week, the Depot Theatre took on its auspicious 13th season in 1991. Luckily, it was an exciting season with...

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Early Renovations at the Depot Theatre

Building a Better Future: The Depot Theatre is unlike any other - the formation and evolution of the theatre was and has always been a community generated effort. To an outside perspective like my own, I was surprised when I first heard about the Depot Theatre and...

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The Odd Couple, 1986

A Couple of Thoughts: In the past four years as a college student I've had quite a few living arrangements. I've been in singles, doubles, apartments with three other people, and apartments with five other people. Moving in with someone new can be an overwhelming...

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