From the Executive Director and Producing Artistic Director

We’re excited to share the Depot’s highly entertaining 2019 main stage season with you!

Most theatre connects us through our common bond as simple folk navigating our way through life. These three shows make that connection through extreme comedy, high energy and heart-warming storytelling.  We hope you’ll commit to experiencing them all by subscribing to the season.

Why become a subscriber?

  • 1: You’ll save money. Season subscriptions are simply a ticket to every main stage show, all packaged up for your convenience, at a price point that is less than buying the tickets individually.
  • 2: Do we need a follow up to that?
    How about this: Although it’s a commitment to attending every show, and a show of support for the Depot, you can still choose the day and time that works best for you during your busy, event-packed summer. You get first choice of seats, free exchanges, and the ability to buy additional single tickets before the rest of the world has access to buy on June 1!
  • 3: Most importantly, being a subscriber represents a deeper relationship between a patron and the Theatre. You’re part of the team; and will remain in the loop about special and mid-week events and pertinent news.

Why would we want to sell cheaper tickets?

Yes, the overall revenue of the theatre is largely the staff’s responsibility, so you’d think we’d prioritize single ticket sales – and for sure we want to sell those too! But from a business standpoint, selling a subscription actually costs us less, as we process one payment rather than three separate payments. Plus, it’s a “predictable recurring revenue” income stream at the beginning of the season.

The Depot Theatre’s continued success is a testament to the support we receive from our subscribers, donors, sponsors, friends, local businesses and partners. You make our season and programs possible, and we cannot thank you enough for your generosity.

Be sure to secure your subscriptions now online HERE. Contact Katie at the box office at or 518.962.4449 with any questions and to choose specific dates and seats.

Looking forward to seeing you at the train station!

Kim Rielly, Executive Director, and Kenney Green, Producing Artistic Director