The Depot Theatre’s Lucky 13th Season

Nunsense, 1991 Happy Friday the 13th! This Friday we have an unlucky holiday coming up - Friday the 13th.  While we only have a day of the unlucky number this week, the Depot Theatre took on its auspicious 13th season in 1991. Luckily, it was an exciting season with...

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Early Renovations at the Depot Theatre

Building a Better Future: The Depot Theatre is unlike any other - the formation and evolution of the theatre was and has always been a community generated effort. To an outside perspective like my own, I was surprised when I first heard about the Depot Theatre and...

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The Odd Couple, 1986

A Couple of Thoughts: In the past four years as a college student I've had quite a few living arrangements. I've been in singles, doubles, apartments with three other people, and apartments with five other people. Moving in with someone new can be an overwhelming...

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1987 at the Depot Theatre

  March Madness: A Midsummer Night's Dream Spring has officially sprung! And yet the snow will not seem to let up and melt away. During these last, long few months of winter, I've started to think ahead to sunny, summer days. What better place to be than...

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Back to the 1980s

(The following is the first in a season-long series showcasing articles, materials, and photos from the first 40 years at the Depot Theatre as part of the 40th Anniversary Archival Project!)   Throwback: 1980 at The Depot Theatre In the Depot Theatre's 1980...

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The Fortieth Anniversary Archival Project

  The Archive Project: As the Depot Theatre nears its fortieth anniversary season, I have had the privilege of looking through its past - in the form of photographs, playbills, press releases, and much more. The Depot Theatre and Skidmore College began the...

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