Gift Certificates

Give the gift of an incredible live theatre experience to someone you care about.

After all – it’s more than a gift – it’s a journey!

Depot Theatre Gift Card/Certificate Order

Depot Theatre gift certificates/cards of any value are applicable toward the purchase of tickets and other products at the Depot Theatre. 

After purchase of the gift, the certificate will be sent to the buyer or the recipient as requested during your order. A PDF of the gift certificate/card will be sent and can be printed and folded and given to the recipient or they can receive it in their email—your choice! The gift card will have a redemption code on it which must be registered by the recipient to connect the balance to their account. Recipients can register their gift cards by contacting the Box Office, by logging into their online account, or at a certain step when making an online order. Once registered, the balance of the gift card will be available during future orders automatically.

If buying gift cards/certificates for multiple recipients, please buy each separately for each individual.

Call the Box Office at 518.962.4449 or email with any questions or to order by phone.