Insider Tips on Subscriptions

Did you know? Season Subscriptions are on Sale Now!

If you’re on our mailing list, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or recently ran into me at the coffee shop, you might have heard that SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE for the 2018 Main Stage Season.

For regular subscribers, that news is just a reminder – a no-brainer call to action, if you will. A gentle nudge that yes, you can reserve your transformative theatre experience for this summer right now, even while some of us are still looking at snow outside of our windows.

Are you a returning subscriber? If so, thank you. You’re already “in the know.” If not, I’ll explain why you might consider joining the club.

About commitment

So, it’s well known to at least 3 people that when I’m not using an electronic device to write, I typically use a pencil. I like the precise nature of the mechanical graphite, and the more faded, lighter contrast on the page as compared to ink. And probably more importantly, I’m fond of the noncommittal nature of it, especially when paired with an eraser.

It is my theory that this general noncommittal approach allows flexibility and creativity. But over the years, I’ve applied a more pen-like attitude when it comes to certain things. There’s the big ones, like marriage, in which I’ve achieved success, (if 15 years meets that criteria), and professionally, of course, I’m certainly committed to my job.

But until about 10 years ago, committing a chunk of my precious summer schedule specifically to an experience  – of any kind  – never occurred to me. What if it’s sunny and we want to go hiking? What if friends from afar suddenly show up on our doorstep? As such, although my husband and I would attend Depot shows, we had never become subscribers.

Then we learned a valuable bit of insight from one of my wise and respected neighbors. They said that they always subscribe to the season, not only to support one of the greatest cultural assets in the Adirondacks (that just happens to be located right in our back yard), but to “force” themselves to make sure to experience every single show. No excuses.

So as a former trustee-now-staffer, here’s my insight for YOU.

Why buy a subscription?

  • Number 1: You’ll save money. Season subscriptions are simply a ticket to every main stage show, all packaged up for your convenience, at a price point that is less than buying the tickets individually.
  • Number 2: Do I need a follow up to that?
    How about this: Although it’s a commitment to attending every show, and a show of support for the Depot, you can still choose the day and time that works best for you during your busy, event-packed summer. You get first choice of seats, free exchanges, and the ability to buy additional single tickets before the rest of the world has access to buy on June 1!
  • Number 3: Most importantly, being a subscriber represents a deeper relationship between a patron and the Theatre. You’re part of the team; our Depot family.

Why would I want to sell cheaper tickets?

Yes, the overall revenue of the theatre is largely my responsibility, so you’d think I’d prioritize single ticket sales – and for sure we want to sell those too! But from a business standpoint, selling a subscription actually costs us less, as we process one payment rather than three separate payments. Plus, it’s a “predictable recurring revenue” income stream at the beginning of the season. 

Looking forward

Buying your subscription is just the beginning. I look forward to celebrating the Depot’s 40th Anniversary Season with you –  our popular lineup of main stage shows are sure to fill the seats, but stay tuned for more information about special mid-week offerings, Seagle Music Colony’s limited run production of “Hey Big Spender” The Music of Cy Coleman on Labor Day Weekend and our 40th Anniversary Gala Celebration on opening night for Always…Patsy Cline on June 30!

Of course, our friendly box office staff is happy to answer questions at 518.962.4449, or, and I’m always available via email, and happy to chat about all things Depot – and/or the virtues of writing with a pencil.

-Kim Rielly is the Executive Director of the Depot Theatre. Meet the staff!