Depot Dance & Shout Benefit Success!

Our Dance and Shout Benefit on August 6th was a success! We are thrilled with the support that was shown for the Depot Theatre by the attendees and those who contributed in many ways to the benefit and to the Depot Theatre.

Our annual awards were presented at the benefit and the recipient of The Buchanan Founder’s Award was current Board of Trustees President David Howson and the recipient of The Farnsworth Volunteer Award was long-time volunteer Stephanie Ames. The Buchanan Founder’s Award recognizes outstanding contribution to the advancement of the Depot Theatre’s Mission and is named for founding trustee, Carol Buchanan, whose vision, energy and leadership led to the creation of the Depot Theatre. The Farnsworth Volunteer Award honors a group or individual whose tireless, enthusiastic and significant volunteer support exemplifies the qualities of the Depot Theatre’s first volunteer Roothe Farnsworth.

We want to offer our sincere thanks to everyone that allowed our 2016 Benefit to be a success. That includes everyone who attended the event, those that participated in our silent and live auctions, and of course thanks as well to those who couldn’t attend the event but made contributions despite that. All of those who donated items to our auctions deserve a tremendous thank you. Thank you as well to DaCy Meadow Farm for catering the event, Lake Placid Pub and Brewery, Normandie Beach Club, the band Le Groove for providing wonderful music throughout the night, and to Jim Carroll of Overtime Photography for providing his fun photo booth to help capture memories of the evening. Finally, thanks should be given to all the members of the theatre’s Board of Trustees, staff, and the volunteers who organized and managed the event.

Please enjoy the photos in the gallery below from our Dance and Shout Benefit! All photos taken by Betsy Bacot-Aigner. (Thank you, Betsy!)