Nunsense, 1991

Happy Friday the 13th!

This Friday we have an unlucky holiday coming up – Friday the 13th.  While we only have a day of the unlucky number this week, the Depot Theatre took on its auspicious 13th season in 1991. Luckily, it was an exciting season with lighthearted comedies and musicals. Nobody seems to have broken a leg.

One of the musicals that stuck out to me is Nunsense, a musical comedy written by Dan Goggin. It follows the antics of five nuns from The Little Sisters of Hoboken. The musical seems perfectly suited for the Depot Theatre, as it happens to take place in a depot train station as well! Take a look through the amusing photographs of the nuns, and reviews of the musical. And this Friday, be careful not to walk under any ladders, break mirrors, and try to avoid black cats.

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About the Depot Theatre Archival Project:

Lindsey Poremba is a senior at Skidmore College. She is from Brookline, New Hampshire, but in the past few years has grown to love living in upstate New York. At Skidmore, she is studying art history and arts administration, which led her to learn about the Depot Theatre, and the Westport community. This semester, she is continuing the work of archiving visual materials for the Depot Theatre.

Note: The Depot does its best to identify photos and other materials in our archives. Given the 40-year span, there may be missing or incomplete information. We welcome any additional information, corrections and edits that will help complete the archive for years to come!