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Come and be part of developing the plays of the future with the Depot Theatre’s new play reading series, page2stage. The playwright of each script will be present and your comments, questions, thoughts and reactions may lead directly to changes in the next draft! It’s a great opportunity to experience new works as they develop and to help the writer make them even better!

This year, to enhance our commitment to serving our artists, each of the play­wrights is someone already associated with the Depot Theatre.

Admission is free!


The Page2Stage 2017 Reading Lineup

Portraits by Karen L. Lewis – Wednesday, July 12, 2017 8:00 PM

Cast: Louise Shaffer with Abigail Wolff and Witter Swanson

Portraits is an exploration of celebrity, family, and the malleability of truth. Following the sudden, but not entirely unexpected death of her mother, sixteen year old Diana is sent to live with the grandmother she blames for her mother’s addiction. With the help of her filmmaker wannabe friend, Jordan, Diana plans to expose her once well-known grandmother for the life-wrecking narcissistic b*tch her mother painted her to be. Faced with family (and self-)discoveries Diana finds herself at a crossroads. Will she choose the path of revenge if it means becoming what she loathes most?

Bobby & Matt by Kevin Cochran – Wednesday, August 2, 2017 8:00 PM

It’s 1959, and Bobby invites Matt, the new kid, to his eighth birthday party where they become unlikely friends for life. One grows up to be a Brigadier General, the other a renowned gay writer. Yet their friendship survives – through bad marriages and good boyfriends; through Vietnam, Kent State, Gay Marriage and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. A complicated story told very simply through their letters and notes – simple words that tell the story of life, loss, love, and war.

The Rite of Intervention by Erin Nicole Harrington – Wednesday, August 23, 2017 8:00 PM

After a series of tragedies, a family tries a controversial form of therapy to help their mentally unstable son, Simon, cope with the loss. Their good intentions, however, have unintended consequence when Simon becomes addicted to his therapy. Now the family must ask themselves how best to help Simon before his addiction destroys them all.

Audiences should be advised that the material and subject matter in the Page2Stage series may not be suitable for all audiences. Parental discretion is advised.

*All titles and dates subject to change.