My Way

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“A Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra”


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Our season opens with “My Way: A Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra”, a musical that distills the nearly 1,400 songs that Sinatra recorded down to 56 selections. The show promises to be a fresh, entertaining evening of great music, beautifully and brightly delivered by a cast of four.

As refreshing and welcome as a summer breeze, this song-filled exploration of the Sinatra mystique provides a bright romantic evening for the young AND the young at heart.

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Created by David Grapes and Todd Olson

Book by Todd Olson

July 11-27 2014

Sponsored by

The Westport Marina and Galley Restaurant & Bar

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  • July 11: 8pm
  • July 12: 3pm & 8pm
  • July 13: 5pm
  • July 18: 8pm
  • July 19: 3 & 8 pm
  • July 20: 5pm
  • July 21: 8pm
  • July 24: 5pm
  • July 25: 8pm
  • July 26: 3 & 8pm
  • July 27: 5pm